We are a dealer for Carriage Machine Shop and
  Bellcrown vehicles-ALL made in the USA.
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SPARROWHAWK - NOW Shetland-Welsh size

Lightweight 4-wheel for 11-12 hand ponies.
3 Phase CDE vehicle w/disc brakes, 225 lbs.
Independent wider metal shafts w/swingletree.
Front platform spring suspension, rear torsion. 
Metal 1.5 wide wheels.  Wedge seat, adjustable
front and back.  Whip socket included in price.
Base price: $4500.
Made in the USA.

Ebony Stained Country Road Cart

Now over 1,500 satisfied customers!  The Country Road Cart is a lightweight (approximately 175 lbs.) two passenger cart with the BEST ride.  Standard features are the sliding adjustable seat, cloth or vinyl upholstery, spares box under seat, flush hubs, flat rubber.  Several stains to choose from.  Brass or chrome hardware.  Mini, Pony, Cob or Horse size base $2300.  Warmblood size best with 1 1/4" wheel upgrade. 

Options include:  Dash in wood or patent leather, whip socket, rein rail, tufted upholstery, rain covers, toe rail, real leather shaft trim and 1 1/4" wheels.  Ironwork in brown with russet shaft trim are also available.


Shown with Patent Dash & Ebony stain.
Wooden dash optional, looks great with
Patent dash/rein rail, optional upgrades.
Toe rail is included on the Roadster.

Roadster Coach Paint
Our Front Entry COUNTRY ROADSTER, in Advanced width.  All the same features as our Road Cart with the options of a wooden dash or Patent Dash/rein rail.  Standard is a 38" wide seat.  Choice of fabric colors for seat and rain covers. Toe rail included!
Also available with optional full wedge seat or half wedge. Excellent choice for Pleasure Shows, Cones & Dressage.  Approximate weight 225 lbs.  Base Price in Pony, Cob or Horse size $2500. 

New Order Carts

        BELLCROWN vehicles made in the USA

Bellcrown Minicrown shown with 58 cm wheels.
ideal for the minis with adjustable shafts, easy
entry.  Double seat, Superide suspension. 
Made to order for 27"-36" minis/ponies.
Weight approx. 120 lbs. Base $1795.

Marathon seat Puddle Jumper


This is THE LIGHTWEIGHT PUDDLE JUMPER!  All alluminum weighs under 300 lbs. with single marathon seat.  Also available with double seat.  Torsion suspension for stability and a smooth ride.  Pony, Cob, Horse as well as small Pony Ultralite Model available.  Standard marathon shafts shown, presentation shafts and pole are options.  Powdercoat black, green, or blue are standard colors.  The vehicle is made in the USA, priced right & yes...there is a waiting list!