Shetland Road Cart
Shetland Road Cart $1295.
Shafts 54" wheels 34"
Tufted seat is 32" wide
Brass hardware, located in NJ.
Cob size Road Cart is SOLD!
Excellent condition in our Carriage House.
70" shafts, 42" wheels, chrome trim, grey seats.
 EXTRA rain cushions included!

Cob size Road Cart
Bronson reproduction
Bronson Wagon-Horse size
Reproduction with roller bearing wheels.
Wheels 38" & 46". Cut-under, block brakes.
Shafts and pole included, located in GA.
Priced for a quick sale $2995.

In house ONE Cob size Teeter Totter Cart.
Lightweight and easy entry.  Adjustable shafts.
Currently set at 64" with 36" wheels.
Extra longer shafts included. Powder coated.
Shown w/disc brakes, flat seat. $2695
Extra custom made full wedge seat available.

Teeter Totter powder coat
PONY Wagonette-Wicker
"Miami" Standard Vehicle Co.
Lawrenceburg IN. Restored.
Suitable for 11-13 hands.
Pole and Shafts, in GA.
NICE Rare find $3995.

Pony Wagonette
Bennington Mini-Shetland Cart
Kutzman Pony Deluxe
Bennington Cart Maroon                              
all the bells & whistles.
Adjustable for 36" minis
or Shetland size 45".
Located in upstate NY
Asking $3200.

KUTZMAN Pony Wagonette
Shown here with 11 hand pair.
Two complete sets of wheels.
Excellent condition, in OH,
customer asking $5,500.

Mill Run Wagonette
Mill Run Horse size Wagonette.
Nice vehicle with shafts and pole.
Located in Aiken SC.
PRICE REDUCED to $3500.!

Road Cart with extras:
COB size EBONY/stainless hardware.
Shafts 74/42 Flush hub wheels.
Includes these extras:
Dash/rein rail, rain cushions,
shown in photo.  Tufted seat
also gray.
Located in central VA
Was $1495.  NOW $1295. Great buy!


Super V Short Tug PAIR
Collar with stainless hames
Closed, very nice, with chain,
stainless hames, Beta Bi tugs.
Accepts 1.5" width traces.
Plain leather. In house, used $395.

Sale Pending:
This is a great price!
Mini A PAIR Beta Bi Short Tug Deluxe Black, never used, complete $1200.
Can be used as two singles. (Saves $695.)

Zilco parts:
Used parts sold as is, final sale.
Just in, great condition:
HORSE size breast collar $125.
Short tug w/neck & brake straps.
Cob size sold!
Assorted parts left:
Used Trace carriers TWO sizes @ $15. Pair
USED BOOKS-Excellent condition
SOME are Out-of-Print
Carriage Driving Bean/Blanchard SALE $25.
DRIVING Richardson $19. SOLD
Horse Driving Trials Combs $29.
Principles of Driving GNEF $110.
Best of the Whip 1993 $15.
Best of the Whip 2005 $15.
Bristol Wagon Catalog $5. SOLD
Judging Carriage Driving $20.
Amer. Carriages, Sleighs $8. SOLD
Driving-Norris& Douglas, great illustrations! $8.
Comp.Driving on Shoestring $5.
Hints on Driving Capt.Knight $25.
Manual for Driven Dressage $25.

Zilco Short tug breast collars