New consignment! 
Dominiak Presentation 
Cob size, used very little. 
Short shafts,

2-wheel & 5th wheel brakes.

Air suspension. 
Located in SC. Asking $4995.
Three lamps also available.

Dominiak Presenation Cob size
Small Pony Road Cart
NEW Consignment:
Small Pony ROAD CART
Shown with 12.1 welsh.
Shafts 62" Wheels 36"
Dash/Rein Rail included.
Brown irowork/trim.  $1195.
Russet/Brass Harness available too!
Also one in Mini Size, different builder.
Brown ironwork, needs refinishing.
With 48" shafts and 24" wheels $895.

Glinkowski 2-wheel w/extra pneumatic wheels.
Also rear step and crank adjustment for balance.
Shafts are marathon style and adjust as well.
Wedge can be moved from center to side.
In house, need more info?  Only $1895.

Glinkowski 2 sets of wheels
Shetland Road Cart
Shafts 54" wheels 34"
Tufted seat is 32" wide
Brass hardware, located in NJ.
   Shetland size Cart $1895.>
Patent leather dash & fenders,
all removable to use with the
EXTRA marathon shafts included!
Pleasure Shafts will adjust to 54"

Shetland Size Cart USED

Supreme Russet
21" collar, stainless hames
Horse size single complete
russet.  Harness is new, 21"
collar used.  All for $1995.
Or without collar $1800.

Supreme russet saddle
Collar with stainless hames
Closed, very nice, with chain,
stainless hames, Beta Bi tugs.
Accepts 1.5" width traces.
Plain leather. In house, used $395.
ONE Horse size single
Black Supreme Leather 
white metal full collar complete!
USED only $1595.
PAIR PARTS available too:
NEW Stainless 22" hames
NEW Deluxe PAIR reins
RUSSET Traces Roller bolt 2 PR
USED PAIR Breechings Horse size

USED, Beta Bi singles:                                                  Used Horse size Deluxe
Cob w/Super V breast collar                                          Leather reins/stainless
Dee-end traces, New Quick release shaft loops                                  Only one pair left, nice!
Black/stainless w/chain browband complete $895.                              $75. + S&H
Horse size, older style, straight breast collar,
Slot-end traces. Black/stainless, NO bridle/reins $395.