Shetland Road Cart
Shetland Road Cart $1295.
Shafts 54" wheels 34"
Tufted seat is 32" wide
Brass hardware, located in NJ.
Cob size Road Cart is SOLD!
Excellent condition in our Carriage House.
70" shafts, 42" wheels, chrome trim, grey seats.
 EXTRA rain cushions included!
ONE tan wedge still available $125.

Cob size Road Cart
Mini Jerald SHOW Cart
Excellent condition, local.
Shafts 48, wheels 24"
Cover included for

Mini SHOW cart
Bronson reproduction
Bronson Wagon-Horse size
Reproduction with roller bearing wheels.
3 Springs for stability.  Shafts 75"
Wheels 38" & 46". Cut-under, block brakes.
Shafts and pole included, located in GA.
Priced for a quick sale $2995. MAKE Offer?

PONY Wagonette-Wicker
"Miami" Standard Vehicle Co
Lawrenceburg IN
Restored 1995
Shown with pair and single.
Suitable for 11.2-13 hands.
Wheels 32 & 36"
Shafts 64" 
Pole included
Located in GA

Pony Wagonette
Mill Run Wagonette
Mill Run Horse size Wagonette.
VERY Nice vehicle with shafts and pole.
Wedge included.
Located in Aiken SC.
PRICE REDUCED to $3500.!

Road Cart with extras:
COB size EBONY/stainless hardware.
Shafts 74/42 Flush hub wheels.
Includes these extras:
Dash/rein rail, rain cushions,
shown in photo.  Tufted seat
also gray.
Located in central VA
Was $1495.  NOW $1295. Great buy!


Supreme Russet
21" collar, stainless hames
Horse size single complete
russet.  Harness is new, 21"
collar used.  All for $1995.
Or without collar $1800.

Supreme russet saddle
Collar with stainless hames
Closed, very nice, with chain,
stainless hames, Beta Bi tugs.
Accepts 1.5" width traces.
Plain leather. In house, used $395.
COB or Horse size singles
Black Supreme Leather 
both with white metal, complete!
USED only $1295.
PAIR PARTS available too:
NEW Stainless 22" hames
NEW Deluxe PAIR reins
1 Super V in LEATHER

USED lightly, Beta Bi singles:                           NEW TANDEM Parts:
ALL w/Super V breast collars                            Leather reins/stainless
and have Deluxe Leather reins                                            Beta Bi traces w/cockeyes
Cob size, chain browband $895.                                         +  ALL Hardware SOLD!
Horse size, chain bowband 795.
Warmblood size (5" saddle) 895.