Single Beta Bi shown with double hip strap option.  Buckle-in breast collar, straight, shaped, Super V or SPECIAL Super V available.  Face drop and false martingale included.  Standard 4" saddle long skirt, padded!  Three slots for hip strap in backstrap.  With standard hip strap or double (shown) for breeching.  Or upgrade to our new padded hip strap?
ALL of our Beta Bi harness is made at YONIE'S HARNESS SHOP to my specs.  We have worked together over the last 20 years to offer style and comfort for your equine.  Many choices on our Deluxe styles are offered at no extra charge so you may customize to suit your needs!

BETA BI synthetic harness

All black or two-tone same proce.  All russet or BRASS hardware  (additional 20% option). 
Stainless Steel hardware (brass optional).  This harness is made to our specs with a combination of the best in traditional design & modern amenities. Country Carriages Deluxe design includes upgrades & added features.

Pleasure style is a no frills w/continuous rolled breast collar.  In Mini A or B sizes, saddle w/o tree.

Deluxe style includes buckle-in traces and many choices to customize your harness, same price.

SINGLE Cob/Horse sizes:  Pleasure $1075. DELUXE  w/Super V, or SPECIAL Super V $1395.   

Mini and Pony sizes:  
Pleasure  Mini  $625.  Pony $725.  DELUXE Mini $845.  Pony $1105..

SPECIAL SUPER V an option in mini sizes.  Sliding backband available for Deluxe Mini saddles.

PAIR HARNESS~Short tug styles can be used single (inc. 1 PR single shaft loops & breeching straps): 

COB or HORSE Pleasure style $1995. DELUXE style $2640. (Short Tug~Long Tug Optional)
       DELUXE MINI PAIR  $1895.  DELUXE PONY PAIR $2395.

                                     NEW ITEM-Custom PADDED Hip Strap

NEW item-padded hip strap! Shown with backstrap & crupper
  Two views to show our new
custom padded Hip Strap!
Tested and approved,
free movement, straps stay flat. 
Use w/double hip
style breeching seat.  $57..
Cob & Horse size in stock.
Upgrade on complete harness $34.

Close-up shows size of padding
Marathon Pad in use
Protect short shafs
from poking eqine.
Attach to point straps
on saddle.  Black.

Marathon Pad PR
Kan't See Back
       Kan't See Back
     Horse, Cob & Pony sizes
        in stock with
    3/4" cheeks Horse &
      Cob size shown
$248. Pair Blinds/winker only

Mini SPECIAL Super V
Mini SPECIAL Super V breast collar!
A or B size w/waffle back & adaptable
draft.  All black with stainless fittings.
Accepts 1" traces.  Now $230.
Note: Neckstrap not included in price.
(Range from $27.- $47. for padded)
Our Popular Mini Super V Now $202.

Beta Bi DELUXE Bridle

Plain leather blinkers
Straight or shaped crown
Double buckle noseband
Reins with swivel or Velcro
Standard or double hip srap

Weaver Chain $38.
Canada Chain $33.
Pyramid Chain $42.
Nickel Plated Chain $58.

ADD Flash Noseband $15.
Patent leather blinkers $35.
ADD sewn-in gullet strap $15.
Upgrade to padded hip strap $34.

Deluxe Bridle shown with browband chain option

Two-tone Beta Bi VERY SPORTY!  Same options, same price as all black


Mini PAIR two-tone Short Tug
NEW SUPER V styles

Beta Bi saddle up close shows the quality of our workmanship.
The above is the Deluxe saddle with sliding backband option.
NEW SUPER V styles, deeper V, no adapatable draft.
SUPER V now has smaller ring, cleaner, rounded ends.

Long skirt, padded all the way down.

Rolled edge saddle, 4.5" standard, in two-tone or blackPart of the Deluxe style harness. 
Warmblood or Draft saddles are 5" (5.5" wide in the rolled edge) upcharge $80.
Pair and Pony saddles are 3" or 3.5" wide in the Deluxe rolled edge.
Mini saddles are 2.5" or 2.75" wide in the Deluxe rolled edge.
RUSSET or Brass available in all sizes at 15% upcharge.

Rolled Edge Two-tone saddle
Some COB size browbands with CHAIN on sale if you wish to add some bling!

SUPER V Breast collar

Beta Bi Breast collars:
 (Cob or Horse sizes)

Prices do NOT include neck strap.
V Shaped and padded $186.. black or two-tone style.

SUPER V PADDED  $238. with or without adapatble draft.

NEW SPECIAL Super V $270. BLACK only with waffle back.
Gives your equine more freedom of movement at the shoulder.